've decided to do something.

I've decided to run for an office of an institution that I truly believe has amazing potential.

I've decided to run for the Amarillo College Board of Regents.

It's a little scary, this election thing. You have to raise money because these things aren't cheap. You have to build signs and knock on doors and shake hands. It's a lot harder than I had thought.

But it's important, and it's worth the fight

I need your help to do it. I need your support and your vote.

The future of Amarillo College is amazing. I absolutely believe that. But the challenges are just as significant: the question of state funding, competition from proprietary schools, how the college can build partnerships that create and sustain a solid economic base in Amarillo and the rest of the Panhandle area. These are challenges that require innovative thinking, aggresive strategies, and active debate and bold stances by the Board of Regents.

I would like to help Amarillo College be more than it is today. I would like to help it become the premier community college in the country.

But to do it, I need your help. 

Please consider contributing and supporting my campaign.

This is a political advertisement paid by the Mark Nair for Amarillo Board of Regents campaign. Sunny Hodge-Campbell is my Treasurer.