I am passionate about our city and want to do my part in making Amarillo grow and prosper, so I'm running for Place 4 on the Amarillo City Council.

With my 20-year background in innovation with Anderson Merchandisers, I will bring to the council a different way of thinking, as well as a deep understanding of today's digital world. I'm 48 years old and not a part of the 'good ole' boy system. I have recently been the chair of the Amarillo Traffic Commission and part of the inaugural class of Amarillo 101. I've seen first-hand how the city operates. I know what it does well and what it doesn't, and I know I can make a difference.

I will represent EVERY citizen of Amarillo and make sure the city hears all voices. I believe in complete transparency in how the city spends your money, and I have plans to implement a program of budgetary transparency that is easy to understand and simple to access to every person can see where every penny of tax money goes.

I would appreciate your thoughtful consideration and your vote!

Thank you!

- Mark