Live Here - the PBS interview

A couple of weeks ago, Panhandle PBS interviewed me for a longer, more in-depth discussion about the Amarillo City Council Place 4 runoff election. Click here for the full interview.

I can't embed the video, so I can't add links to timecode. If you're interested in what we had to talk about, here's the list of topics:

Why run for city office? 00:14

What qualifies you to lead Amarillo into the future? 01:55

What is the city's major infrastructure shortcoming? 04:07

On the Commerce Building and the FBI investigation. 07:44

On how the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation operates. 13:00

On the Multi-Purpose Event Venue and Downtown. 16:56

On City Manager Jarrett Atkinson's performance. 20:45

On Single Member Districts. 23:22

What have you learned about yourself during this campaign? 25:57